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Washing Machines Update

“Now unto Him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think…” Ephesian 3:20

In April 2nd 2017, we started a campaign to raise $1000 to buy two washing machines for the missionaries in Sta. Cruz, Bolivia. There was only one small machine being used by about 20 people which includes 5 families. In the next couple of weeks donations poured in. The support and generosity was overwhelming! We received $430 dollars!!

A month later, donations stopped. Somehow I thought that $1000 is too much, although I knew that appliances in Bolivia are quite expensive. I was a bit hesitant thinking that even half of the goal won't be reached. So I lowered it down to $900. Only a month passed and my faith was already shrinking!

Another month passed...and another... and another...No donations. Yep, four “dry” months! It is now certain that it would require a measure of faith and lots of prayers to reach the goal of $900, let alone $1000! I imagined my faith struggling to push upward through the soil to grow even an inch at that time. The $430 donation we received, so far, is enough to buy a small washing machine. "Never mind the goal of buying two washing machines, one would be enough," I thought to myself. Oh, me of little faith!

After four “dry” months, it became more and more evident that nobody would be donating anymore. We stopped expecting and made plans on how and when to buy the washing machine.

Then one day in August, my husband sent me a message to check my e-mail. He said that it looked like someone donated. I checked my e-mail and ------- my jaw dropped!! The next thing I knew, I was on my knees, with tears in my eyes I was praising and thanking God. A kind and generous gentleman, whom we've never met or knew, donated the rest of the money to complete the goal of $900!! Glory to God!!!

Then shame flooded my soul. I was ashamed to God for my faltering faith. How dare I lower the goal from $1000 to $900? Is $1000 too big for God? Is God not able to supply the money? Is He out of resources? Is He not able to impress people’s heart to give? Oh, Lord, help Thou my unbelief!

Here they are!!! ~~~ Two brand new washing machines

Two brand new washing machines

Here is my husband hooking up the washing machines.

​While my husband hooks up the new washing machines, my mind is lifted up to heaven. I can’t help but praise God for His goodness! These two machines will be a reminder of His love and care for His children. One of the missionary sent this Bible text to the group:

“If ye then, being evil, know how to give good gifts unto your children, how much more shall your Father which is in heaven give good things to them that ask Him?” Matthew 7:11

This experience, as simple as it is compared to grand and miraculous providence that other people of giant faith have experienced, has given my faith the much-needed push upward.

The simple things and experiences we take for granted, when carefully reflected upon, give us a glimpse of the heart of an infinite God. A God who is interested in the things that concerns and perplex us. An Omnipotent God, with a universe to take care, and yet takes time to be concerned about how we're going to wash our clothes!! Isn't He a wonderful and loving God?

He is touched by our infirmities; He remembers that we are dust. He longs to give us reprieve and lighten the yoke upon our shoulders. He wants to be involved in our daily lives like a family member, better yet, to be our Father who provides. He wants us to have a child-like trust and faith in Him. He is a personal God!

We are all thankful to our heavenly Father, for friends, and strangers who made it possible to purchase the washing machines. May God bless you and reward you openly!

All glory to God!!!


Our apologies!! It took 7 months before purchasing the washing machines. We had to go back to North America for the annual inspection of the plane on the same month that the money was received. Although the goal of $900 was completed, we received only $825.02 after deducting the fees for the platform used for the campaign. The washing machine costs exactly $500 each (the original goal).

Just in time for the new ones, because the old one decided to quit! One of the kids told me that when they press the buttons on this old one with wet hands, they get zapped!

Click here to read more about the campaign.

Happy in the service of the King,

Brandtley & Jenyve

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