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Medical Air Ambulance

Up to this point the types of medical flights we have been making have been to transport patients from rural locations to a city hospital. This is helpful of course and the patients are grateful to get to the hospital but we are seeing the need to be able to provide care while in transit and are looking for an airplane with the capability to provide air ambulance services.

The kind of airplane we need is one that can carry more weight while traveling quickly from point to point. There is equipment made in the USA by MedPac that is a self-contained unit with loading ramp, stretcher, Oxygen, 110 inverters, suction pump, and an air pump.

This equipment will not fit in the current Cessna 340 because the cabin is too small so we are looking for a bigger more capable airplane called a Cessna Conquest 441.

With the on-site clinic at Red Advenir being close to completion we anticipate being able to bring some patients directly to our clinic for care. What a blessing this could be to many more people than is possible now. Once there is a recovering patient we will be able to speak the words of salvation to them and their families, and they in turn can bring the message back to their villages as well.

We need not only a bigger airplane and medical equipment but also need fuel tanks on the airstrip so we can re-fuel on base without having to make another stop at the nearby airport for fuel.

Our vision includes making trips to remote villages on a pro-active basis to provide medical care and evangelism on a recurring basis. In this way we will become more acquainted with their needs and they will become familiar with the gospel message through medical missionary work.

We ask that you please pray for God to provide the airplane, equipment, fuel tanks and the operational funds to expand the capabilities of the medical mission work here in Bolivia.

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