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Bee Ware!

Recently, Brandtley was asked to fly beehives 500 miles north to the school in Guayaramerin so they can learn how to work with bees and grow the hives. Well, that is not a normal request!

Can you imagine what might happen if the bees got out of their hives while we were flying? Don’t they sting people when you’re close to their home? This could be a very painful flight if not done right.

So, who could we ask for help? Of course God can do anything. So, we prayed that the bees would be calm and there would be no stinging at all. And guess what? God answered our prayers.

But not without first testing our faith.

During the flight, over 200 bees got out and were flying inside the cabin. They were going everywhere trying to get out. They were landing on our heads, arms, faces, and of course crawling on the airplane windows, but none of them would sting!

They were our friends in flight! It’s amazing how little creatures like them are so obedient to their Creator! The bees with their hives arrived safely in the school.

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