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Baby Rescue (almost)

One Friday, we received a call from one of the volunteers about a baby born 2 months premature. The baby needed to be transported to the a hospital that has facilities for premature babies. The baby was on oxygen and IV, but needed to be in a better facility for extended care.

There was not enough fuel in the plane to make the flight without going to the local airport for fuel. Going there would cause about a 4-hour delay to wait for the clouds to lift in order to land and then go through the process of refueling, filing a flight plan, and going to narcotics for inspection.

All these delays might put the baby at further risk. There just happened to be enough fuel in gas cans at our base in Red A De Venir to go directly to our destination. Praise the Lord for that!

We safely transported to bay with the nurse, and aunts. The doctor directed the family to go to another city which is nearer than Sta. Cruz, even though Sta. Cruz would have been a better choice because it’s a much bigger city with more hospitals and better facilities than the smaller towns.

The father arrived at the hospital after a day’s trip by bus. We we’re saddened to get the news that the baby got a blood infection and passed away after a week.

May the Lord bless their hearts!

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