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Pedro Lorenzo via the Sardine Express

On our second time to attend Pedro Lorenzo Church we felt the warmer welcome of our brothers and sisters with handshakes and kisses. Even though we couldn’t understand everything (it’s all in Spanish) we can still join in worshiping God through a language which transcends all barriers and everyone can understand~~MUSIC!

Red ADVenir organized a Cantata headed by Benjamin. The church was well-attended by members and missionaries. The missionaries sang songs accompanied by tracks and trumpets.

RED ADVenir Choir with Benjamin Calle as the conductor

Pastor David Gates gave the message, in Spanish of course. My husband and I, armed with our cellphones, used Google Text translator which translated some of the words into amusing, and scrambled English. We were left to decipher the “codes.” We gave up and just sat there like mummified couple with blinking eyes. We sure felt the need to hasten our Spanish lessons

Introducing our “Sardine Express”

Since we don’t have a vehicle of our own, my husband and I hopped into the “Sardine Express” 13 people inside an 8-seater SUV! What a thrill! We will surely callous our knees and beg God to give us another vehicle that can be used to transport people (especially during market day!) and equipment to other places.

You can’t see the other girl, but there are 10 of them at the back

And here are the other 3 to complete the (un)lucky 13 of the sardine express

It took several trips to take us all back to the Canal (channel) and it took a strong stomach to endure hunger cause we had our lunch at almost 2pm. My husband and I didn’t have breakfast that morning, a lesson for us~~eat before church!

Please help us pray for another vehicle and also pray for Pedro Lorenzo church.

Happy in the Service of the King,

Brandtley & Jenyve

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