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Runway Improvements

The runway is a grass strip about 3500 feet long and 100 feet wide with barbed wire fencing around to keep people and animals clear of the runway.  The first runway improvement is to replace the barbed wire with chain link as that will keep people, cows and sheep from crawling between the wires or breaking down the fence.

Concrete posts have already been purchased and installed about 2/3rds of the way on the front side.  We will finish that and then install posts on the back side and around the north end.  Then the chain link will be rolled out and setup making the fencing project complete.

Our next runway improvement is to level out the hump in the middle of the runway.  This hump makes it a bit interesting when


landing as we aim for the top of the hump in order to land on it rather than before it.  The issue is we then only have half the runway left to stop.

We will need to rent a grader to move the soil and then keep it wet so the grass will grow so the wind will not blow the soil away causing a hump again.


The last improvements will be to pave the runway and put in lights on either side for night landings.


  • Chain Link fencing - $2,000

  • Leveling the Runway hump - $2,500

  • Runway lights - $5,000

  • Pavement - $500,000

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